Get to know us

Hey there, I'm Farinoosh

I am a UX/UI designer with an architecture background and a passion for painting and visual arts which has given me a perspective on design aesthetics and problem-solving. Since childhood, I have been interested in designing and creating new things, and that's why I chose this field.

With the experience of working for several years in an architecture firm, I'm using my skills to turn ideas into attractive structures. Now, I'm applying that ability to create smooth digital experiences with a keen eye for design. I learned how to gather information participate in different teams, discuss the best and most practical ideas, as well as prioritize user needs and feelings.

As technology advanced, my curiosity grew, leading me to explore a new dimension of creativity in the shift from physical to digital spaces.

I love animals, and When I have free time, I like to go to nature and meet new people. Exercising and going to the gym is like therapy for me that I will never leave because my fitness and health are very important to me.

I am always in love and eager to grow, and learn and I welcome new challenges that push me to excel.