Design Your Dream Home

The best and suitable comprehensive platform for interior design

The best and suitable comprehensive platform for interior design

Project Overview





UX/UI Designer

8 weeks - Part time

Group of 4

Figma, Photoshop, Google Form, Zoom, Figjam, Midjourny

Providing an online service for the user to find the interior designer based on his style with a personal shopping list in the shortest possible time.

Business Need

Target User

The website is designed for people who want to save money, also have limited time and information to buy and design their living space.

Our Approach

Our research provides us with the opportunity to go beyond the users' immediate frustrations to analyze their hopes, fears, abilities, limitations, reasoning, and goals. Later, solutions can be developed on the basis of these foundations.

  • Conducting interviews with potential users to understand their concerns and needs.

  • Conducting a competitive analysis to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the similar businesses.

Design Process

We were assigned to design an adaptive website for both mobile and desktop devices for an online interior design platform that finds the user's personal style based on the AI and solves the needs of users through designers across Europe.

This is a concept project that we were working on in a team of four while we were studying in UX-Land school.


To understand users and their needs, the following steps have been taken:


  • Conducting surveys to understand the user's preferences in choosing an online design service.

Based on the result of an online survey with 14 questions was conducted to evaluate our findings.

Research Methodology



Competitive Analysis

Affinity Diagram

The most important factors in finding users' furnitures

  • Quality (100%)

  • Cost (87.5%)

  • Material ( 87.5%)

  • Color (68.8%)

To find the most suitable design for each user, the following factors should be considered:

Solution Provided:

Double dimond design process has been adopted for this project.

Interview and Affinity Diagram

Customer Service

Business´s and website´s features



Way of presenting the Design

Contact with deasigner

Competitive Analysis